North New Hope's Operation Christmas Child 



North New Hope Sunday School children packed 49 boxes for Operation Christmas Child on December 11.










What a great effort on everyones' part.

Start 'em young and train 'em right.




Faith's Day Camp 2018




I have no idea what Josh Panter was up to with the kids.........I have a hunch he was wearing them out.



Maybe Josh will sleep well tonight too!



One of the counselors helping a child with a project.



Lenore Peterson and Alyce Kolden of North New Hope are helping with feeding the kids again. Someday I'll get a decent photo of Lenore.......someday!



Karen Dobbe and Betty Sadogierski staffing the kitchen.........when they have time.

Talk about a couple hams.



A counselor and a couple helpers....... Kathie Grill in the foreground.



Another counselor going over the activity table of things for the kids to do.



Paper plates aren't only for eating off of....... 



Lunch time!