The list of winners from the Project Comfort Quilt raffle are attached.
Many thanks to the Faithful Knotters, raffle donors and ticket sellers who made this a success!
Every penny (which the quilters can always use for materials) goes into quilting materials, freight for getting them to the distribution center and providing for the needs of community members when it's the right thing to do.








Faith is proud to host the area Scout troop.





These are only some of the quilts the Faith Knotters turned out in 2017.

A number of quilts were given to members in and around the community.

The bulk of the quilts go to Lutheran World Relief who distributes them all over the world.






Some of the quilters from left to right are BJ Sadogierski, Phyllis Landowski, Betty Williams, Dorothy Knopp, Norma Anderson, Kate O'Connell , Julie Firkus, Darlene Knitter and Betsy Suehring.








Here are some photos from Faith's Annual Auction held September 20th at the Fair Park





Serving food are Linda Dobbe and Darlene Knitter.......with smiles...... :)




"Ticket Masters" Carol Brandl and Char Schulist.




Someone is missing a leg to stand on! If you're missing a leg you'll have to take it up with Judy Dobbe!







Thanks again to Paul Kropidlowski (left) serving as auctioneer assisted by Orville Larson along with the dude in the red, Cliff Schulz , who's the chief organizer of this event and assisted also by Jim Brandl.




Thank also to all who helped with the Auction on September 8 & 9, especially: Cliff Schulz, Carol Schulz, Darlene Knitter, Alan Carter, Patti Carter, Jackie Gehm, Bob Gehm, Char Schulist, Karen Johnson, Kristin Buske, Dave Colrud, Lois Thorp, Betty Sadogierski, Linda & Bill Dobbe & family, Joshua Panter, Chelsea Bassett & Michael, Tom Knutson, Karen Ellsworth, Betsie Graham, Deb Lemke, Richard Kurszewski, Chet Yenter, Al O’Neil, Rick Dobbe and Flume Creek for donating the pizzas on Saturday (and any others that may have been missed)  We appreciate you!




                The Easter altar at North New Hope




Betsie Graham and Craig performing Highland Cathedral on Easter Sunday at Faith, 2011. Click on the images for the video.

Easter Service opening hymns at Faith, Jesus Christ is Risen Today and Alleluia Jesus Lives.



And just because I can I happen to like this rendition of It is Well With my Soul a LOT.
I hope you will too.
Click on the photo below