Drive Your Tractor to Church is scheduled for

August 8, 2021

Contact: Mark or Tammie Ellingson if you have questions


New Hope's "Drive Your Tractor to Church" Sunday has become such a hit it needs its own page! This brainchild of Bob Ellingson (at left) and Karl Wogsland is in its 10th year and attracts folks of all faiths. Who'd a thunk a TRACTOR could be a tool of ecumenism!




Tractor COLORS are another story among tractor owners and collectors though and manufacturers don't mess with COLORS. There is a strong John Deere influence in the New Hope area and there's a reason for that. There was a John Deere dealer in nearby Nelsonville almost forever and as in most farm communities, the proximity of a dealer pretty much dictates which brand of tractor is going to be most popular in any given area. If you or your parents or grandparents grew up using a particular brand.........that's likely going to be YOUR brand too.


In 2013 Bob was honored by having this gathering dedicated to him and his wife, Bev, as Bob was instrumental in the concept and getting it off the ground.......(with a little help).










You get the idea.......








Not everyone has tractors but some of us have others toys