New Hope's "Drive Your Tractor to Church" Sunday has become such a hit it needs its own page! This brainchild of Bob Ellingson (at left) and Karl Wogsland is in its 10th year and attracts folks of all faiths. Who'd a thunk a TRACTOR could be a tool of ecumenism!




Tractor COLORS are another story among tractor owners and collectors though and manufacturers don't mess with COLORS. There is a strong John Deere influence in the New Hope area and there's a reason for that. There was a John Deere dealer in nearby Nelsonville almost forever and as in most farm communities, the proximity of a dealer pretty much dictates which brand of tractor is going to be most popular in any given area. If you or your parents or grandparents grew up using a particular brand.........that's likely going to be YOUR brand too.


In 2013 Bob was honored by having this gathering dedicated to him and his wife, Bev, as Bob was instrumental in the concept and getting it off the ground.......(with a little help)........right Bob?




The 5th Annual Drive Your Tractor to Church service was an outstanding success with what is thought to have been attended by something over 300 people. 

The weather cooperated too!






Tractors are an essential element of this gathering. 



And so are the PIES





and PIES and PIES and.........





and more tractors........





You get the idea.......



















Not everyone has tractors but many of us have others toys 














The bottom line is PEOPLE make this what it is regardless of religious persuasion.













I believe this is a first for this year.

A free will fresh produce stand!




And refreshments too.








The Basket auction is immensely popular which, I believe, raised a record amount of funds which are distributed to area youth and agriculture organizations.














The general concensus is this year attendance was at an all time high!



























Pastor Mike preaching another outstanding DYTTC message







The New Hope Hay Bailers (aka Sloppy Joe) again provided summa the best gospel blue music you're ever going to hear!




Ruth Aanrud reading the scripture lessons







Auction Karl Wogsland served as autioneer.

He did his best, along with his helpers, to get the highest bids!

The star of the day brought something over $500 for some hand made fishing lures made by Tim Raddatz!

Pastor Mike's beer fared well too!




The PIT crew from Niemuth's of Waupaca almost ready to lay out a spread of pork 'n beans and potato salad.


Below are New Hope Council President, Dan Glodowski and Pastor Mike