Faith Endowment Committee Grant Sunday,  February 28, 2016


From Pastor Mike:

It was incredibly important for us to hear the stories from those whom received the grants. For us to learn, particularly, how our gifts will impact and improve the lives of others, is the most effective means of communicating the importance of what our discipleship means.

What we experienced this past Sunday was the living testament of calling as the Body of Christ.

It is an incredible blessing to be your pastor. Thank you.


In attendance were:

1.) Adam Brandt (and his wife) – Central Wis. Camp Program, Crossways Camping Ministries 

2.) Sue Wilcox – Project Fresh Start, United Way of Portage Co.

3.) Mary Droske – Infant Nutrition Project, Portage County Health and Human Services

4.) Mary Neumann (Lay Coordinator) – Central Lay School Ministry, Central Lay School Ministry of the East Central 

Synod of Wisconsin

5.) Suzi Limberg – Hearing Loop Project, Faith Lutheran Church

6.) Danielle Belsky– SMART Moves and Passports to Manhood, Boys & Girls Club of Portage County

7.) Cathy Ladd – Essentials Program-Food Staples/Household Necessities, Operation Bootstrap

8.) Joel Besemer - Evergreen Community Initiatives


It is also a blessing for the Committee to have the privilege of making grants to these deserving organizations.



Some of the folks who staff the parish and lead us:

Pastor Michael Peuse








Tanya Mlodik serves as Joint Parish Secretary




Karen Johnson serves as Joint Parish Treasurer







Council members at New Hope are Timm Raddatz, Krys Ferg, Pat Ludeman, Dan Glodowski, Alyce Kolden, Tammy Ellingson and Karl Wogsland






Council members at Faith are Bob Dobbe, Brad Larson, Faye Yenter, Suzi Limberg and Glenn Mancel




Char Schulist serves at Treasure at Faith




Some other church staff members are:

Custodians: Steve Grill at Faith and Alyce Kolden (picture below) at New Hope.




Organist at Faith is Craig Anderson



Organist at New Hope is Lenore Peterson



Mission Statement of North New Hope congregation:

North New Hope Lutheran Church is a country church with a worldwide mission: to reach out to others with the good news of Jesus Christ, to welcome others to worship with us in the light of Christ, and to love one another as we live in the love of God.


Mission Statement of Faith congregation:

The mission for Faith Lutheran Church is to reach out to people in the community and beyond to  know God's Word and the purpose for His Word in our lives.



know God's Word and the purpose for His Word in our lives.