Mission Statements





North New Hope Lutheran Church


North New Hope Lutheran Church is a country church with a worldwide mission: to reach out to others with the good news of Jesus Christ, to welcome others to worship with us in the light of Christ, and to love one another as we live in the love of God.




Faith Lutheran Church


The mission for Faith Lutheran Church is to reach out to people in the community and beyond to  know God's Word and the purpose for His Word in our lives.







Pastor Michael Peuse






Joint Parish Secretary and Treasurer
Karen Johnson





Church Council Members




Council members at New Hope are Timm Raddatz, Krys Ferg, Pat Ludeman, Dan Glodowski, Alyce Kolden, Tammy Ellingson and Karl Wogsland






Council members at Faith are Lori Teuchert, Joshua Panter, Suzann Grill, Al Zander, Jim Brandl, and Chelsea Bassett



Treasurer at Faith Lutheran
Char Schulist




Organist at Faith is Craig Anderson




Organist at New Hope is Lenore Peterson




Custodians: Erica Shields at Faith and Alyce Kolden (pictured below) at New Hope.